Steamunkt Tower 2

Steampunk Tower 2 is an action-strategy game set in the alternative Steampunk universe.

Steampunk Tower 2 is a unique tower defense game set in the alternative Steampunk universe.
There is a dragged-out world war with the enemy never seen before. Lord Bingham is coming back to the world arena and he needs a skilled commander.
There is a secret base hidden in the mountains of Spain, with ginormous aircraft Carrier transporting the Battle Tower under your authority and also a team of specialists who execute special assignments.

Game Features:
– The sequel to the unique tower defense game – Steampunk Tower! More turrets, more enemies, aircraft Carrier, giant map of Europe… everything as in tower defense games.
– Dynamic battles! Each turret has its own specifics and its unique super shot.
– Stronger enemies! Enemies have acquired extra armour but their weak spots have also appeared.
– Test super weapons and special bonuses that will increase your chances of success in a battle.
– Humungous bosses! You can’t beat these steam monsters on the first try.
– Secret Steampunk city! Build scientific research laboratories, warehouses and factories for building new turrets and upgrade Tower.
– War for the territories! Control the factories to produce component parts for your turrets.
– Team of professionals! Send your agents on special missions to get extra resources.
– Many storyline missions throughout Europe! Find a way to defeat the enemy and get into the heart of enemy territory for the final stroke.
– Trains! Develop railway network for transportation of agents and resources.

Can’t Steampunk be without trains?!


Developer – DreamGate Company