Sweet Witches

Sweet Witches is an arcade platformer featuring adorable little witches on a quest for candy. Despite the childish appearance, the gameplay is merciless. There is no jump, you have to rely on your magic ladders, spells and power ups to get through. Brave the danger, face your nemesis, cover the world with flowers and claim the treats you deserve!


Play as Praline or Vanille, the two main characters, through 50+ levels within 5+ unique worlds. If going through the quest on your own feels too hard, you can cooperate with a friend on a shared screen. But beware, for both players share the same life counter. Also, your spells and weapons make no difference between friends and foes.


– Four playable witches, with a unique spell each

– Cover the ground with flowers to win and charge your power

– No jump, summon magic ladders to make your way through

– Open surprise gift boxes to find deadly weapons and crush your foes

– A 30 minute-long story mode, if you don’t die, but you will…

– Enchanting graphics


Developer – Lumen Section