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We are a team of passionate professionals, and our goal is make games that we want to play. Tactical and strategy based gaming, combined with science fiction and a unique post-apocalyptic world that is part of a greater universe, these are the elements of our dream games. In collaboration with Evan Currie, a bestselling sci-fi novelist, as well as other acclaimed authors, screenwriters, and artists, we’re bringing this new universe to life and turning its fate over to you… the gamer. Each game is only one chapter in our character’s story, and each setting is only a small part of the universe you’ll explore


Immerse yourself in the best strategy gameplay since Chess! Battle it out on square and hexagonal maps. Spawn pawns, level them up, destroy the opponent's Crystal! Play a progression-based Single Player campaign, or duke it out with a friend on one of the fourteen local Multiplayer maps. Become a Master of Pawns with your Tactical Mind.


Welcome to Mad Carnage, a game of speeding, drifting, and general automotive mayhem! Use rockets, machineguns, and old-fashioned ramming speed to obliterate your foes with a unique turn based game system. Balance speed and maneuvering, using unique game mechanics to survive in this post-apocalyptic kill or be killed world. This is the savage world of Mad Carnage, and your story is only beginning.


In the second installment of our hero’s adventures, John Carnage and his crew face a new challenge beyond anything they’ve dealt with before. With the discovery of the ship, now christened the Excalibur, everyone seems to want a piece of what they’ve achieved. Efforts to understand, and repair, the alien vessel must be balanced with its furious defense. He who draws this sword from the stone it has buried itself in, will determine the fate of mankind. Will it be you? Welcome to the Excalibur Defense.


For both our current and future projects we are looking for people who are free-thinkers, have a great imagination and interesting ideas, ideally freelancers. Do you want to create new worlds in a well-coordinated team? Do you want to put your experience to good use and learn new things? Are you interested in science fiction? Then this is a job for you!
Write to us at games@drageus.com.